3 Ways to Streamline Your Healthcare Processes

Every organisation benefits from having streamlined processes in place. This removes unnecessary chains in the entire operations chain and prevents bottlenecks from occurring.

Streamlined processes are also key to overall efficiency. Having fewer steps decreases the likelihood of errors. Having fewer people involved is bound to result in less tension and frustration, especially when it comes to complicated projects.

Healthcare facilities, whether it be hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, or multi-service clinics, are considered complex ecosystems. There’s an intermingling of medical and business processes. 

With that, here are ways to ensure that your healthcare processes are efficiently streamlined.

1. Plan out a strategy

Healthcare facilities will require a number of different workflows. There should be those for each department and then some more to facilitate better collaboration and information flow between departments.

An efficient workflow doesn’t happen overnight. It needs to be built from scratch. And building it requires a thorough understanding of your patients, your team, and of course, the services you provide.

With these in mind, take a hard look at your current processes. What works? What needs to change? Do tasks and systems overlap? With self-reflection, you can veer chaos into efficiency.

2.  Leverage technology

The clinic is still keeping patient files in cabinets and making people fill out a gazillion forms by hand.

It’s definitely time for an upgrade.

There are lots of ways to use technology to streamline your processes. But perhaps the easiest would be to use software that can automate mundane processes like patient directory management and filling out forms.

It’s also possible to shift certain aspects of patient care online. By using leading medical software, doctors in your clinic can have the ability to conduct telehealth consultations. This is a truly valuable service, in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

3. Mind your accounts receivable

Many healthcare facilities out there make the mistake of not focusing on their accounts. In a time where insurance premiums are rising, you or your staff need to be on top of this. You may even find that your number one income source might not be the one you expect.

A study done by McKinsey & Co. shows that 35% of healthcare providers’ revenue comes directly from patients (as opposed to insurance). By knowing your top income stream, you’ll be able to create or edit workflows in a way that brings in more of this type of revenue.


Nowhere is it more essential to streamline teams and tasks in the healthcare sector. When the health and lives of people are at stake, it is necessary to deliver quality care in the shortest amount of time to those who need it.

Keeping on top of your accounts and embracing the use of technology is essential in healthcare. By having a digital strategy and using medical software, patients, doctors, staff, assets, and information can be seamlessly united. 

Dementia: A Guide for Carers and Caregivers

Every day, 250 people in Australia are diagnosed with dementia and this year, at least 459,000 Australians will live with the debilitating disease. But more than the effects of dementia, it’s the journey between the patient and his caregivers that’s most important, as this disease is more psychological and emotional than it is physical.

So what should you do when someone you love has dementia?

  • Educate yourself about the disease.

Dementia is a progressive disease with no cure. So the next best thing that you can do is understand the disease to be able to give your loved one the best quality of life possible. Know the risk factors for dementia, learn about the progression of the disease, and find out what kind of support you can give to your loved one through this journey.

  • Seek professional advice.

Since dementia is a serious health condition, it’s best to seek the advice of a professional in dealing with this disease. Although you can only treat the symptoms of dementia and prevent complications, it’s very important to work with a good healthcare team in making sure that your loved one still gets to live a normal life even when dealing with the disease.

  • Establish routines. 

As the disease progresses, your loved one might find it hard to perform activities that were once part of his daily life. This is when it’s important to establish fixed routines and schedules to help the patient avoid confusion and keep him on track with activities of daily living to give him as much independence as possible.

  • Learn to be patient with your loved one.

Dementia can cause frustration, anxiety and even depression, especially when your loved one starts to feel that he has no control over his memory anymore. There will be times when he’d be irritable and impatient, which means that you have to be patient with your loved one to avoid arguments that could frustrate him even further. Instead of raising your voice, try to talk to your loved one in a comforting and loving manner. 

  • Keep your loved one safe.

Patients suffering from dementia are more prone to a lot of dangers, especially as the disease progresses. Being forgetful could put your loved one at risk for getting lost, so it’s very important to never let him go out of the house or drive alone. You should also avoid any hazards around your home and if possible, always have someone to accompany your loved one without taking away too much of his independence.

Caring for a person with dementia is no easy feat. While you’re dealing with the emotional burden of seeing your loved one’s memory deteriorate, you also need to make sure that he’s properly cared for and safe. 

But if that means that you’re giving your loved one the chance to enjoy his life even with dementia, it’s worth all the effort. Remember that dementia should never stop you from living a great life with your loved one, so have fun and make the most of the time you have with him. 


4 French Skincare Brands That Should Be on Your Beauty Radar

There’s just something about French skincareproducts that make them more attractive than others. Maybe, it’s the way French women take care of their skin that leave others wanting to chime in on their secrets. Or perhaps it’s the fact that everything French screams opulence, luxury, and sophistication.

Photo by Oz Seyrek on Unsplash

But more than anything, French skincare, whether tips or brands, are proven to be effective and easy to use, containing only natural ingredients that make them quintessential for your every day routine. So which of these brands should be in your beauty radar?


A lot of influential Parisians swear by French pharmacy brand Nuxe, especially its most popular product Huile Prodigieuse. This iconic multi-use dry oil offers perfect moisture for the face, body and hair, making it a favourite among celebrities and makeup artists. Recently, Nuxe also launched its Nuxe Crème Fraiche de Beaute, a moisturiser containing tiny mineral particles to give you that unmistakable glow each time they catch the light when you move. The product also contains a mix of camellia, hazelnut, sweet almond, borage, macadamia, and argan oils that offer supple hydration.


Talika is most known for its eye mask that contains a blend of essential oils like safflower, avocado, rose, and wheat germ that help reduce puffiness and inflammation along the eye area. Those who tried this French eye therapy patch noticed changes just 30 minutes after applying it on the eyes. This eye mask is also perfect for long haul flights when you need to keep the eye area moisturised. A lot of French women also swear by Talika’s eyelash conditioning cream that helps create thicker and fuller lashes that you won’t need to wear extensions or false eyelashes ever again. 


Almost every editor, model, celebrity and makeup artist knows about cult French moisturizer Embryolisse. French women have used the brand for many years, but it became so popular in the U.S. after makeup artists discovered its products. Embryolisse’s most popular product is the Crème Anti-Age Global, which contains all the ingredients you’d want for a younger-looking skin, including hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. Those who tried the product attest to its nourishing, hydrating and plumping effects, and it even smoothes fine lines after continued use. 


The brand’s beauty elixir is one of the most purchased French skincare products in the world, so it’s no surprising that Caudalie is a must-have for anyone who wanted to look younger and more radiant. This complexion treatment has ingredients like rose, mint, and rosemary that balance, tone, and soothe the skin while making you feel as relaxed as if you were in a spa.

The French really know beauty like the back of their hands. They’re known for effortless, low-maintenance skincare routines that use only the best products from these brands. So if you want to look as young, radiant and glowing as these French women, you’d have to try one or all of these brands at some point because they’re definitely worth the investment. If you love their skincare products, you should also try French fashion.
And if you want to learn more about beauty, read Beauticate for some useful tips.

Tips for Purchasing Health Family Insurance

Picking the appropriate wellness family members insurance policy plan does not have to be tough. When you search, you will have the ability to locate an item that supplies a cover that you need at affordable rates. To assist you find out how much you are expected to pay, ask about the out-of-pocket limit, costs, deductibles, coinsurance as well as copayments. Nevertheless, you need to be careful when selecting plans because bargain-priced costs may wind up being also limited. When you get the right plan, you will have the ability to save thousands if any type of participant of your household gets ill. The suggestions for acquiring health insurance consist of:

Recognize your clinical demands

Although you might not be in a position to foresee an abrupt illness or injury, some clinical needs must be prepared for. For that reason, if you are intending to have a household, maternity coverage is an essential. If your family history reveals cardiovascular disease, your choice of protection ought to consist of the cost of cholesterol lowering medicines and also heart testing examinations.

Acquire sufficient protection

It is necessary to buy a policy that covers your demands sufficiently. It does not make sense purchasing a policy that you can not manage to take care of. If you have a young healthy household, you may consider selecting an item that has a high insurance deductible. A plan that offers a deductible of greater than $1,000 can cost you much less per month. In the lasting, you will certainly have the ability to conserve a substantial quantity of money.

Think about the network

It is recommended to choose a specialist or medical professional who is participants of a plan you are taking into consideration to get. Much of the plans have directories of medical professionals in their network. A lot of the plans cover a share of the prices of out-of-network care, while a few do not.

Establish your share of prices

Plans need to divulge how much you are expected to pay, through coinsurance as well as copays. This is a type of price sharing where you get to pay a part of the medical solution. Therefore, when you drop sick, small copays will add up. A costly procedure will certainly expect you to pay a number of thousands in coinsurance. Moreover, it is necessary to understand whether your medicine is covered. The plan’s checklist of protected medicines or formulary should consist of drugs you take consistently, specifically the costly medicines.

Factor-in your dependents

If you have youngsters below the age of 26 that do not have a medical insurance cover through an employer, legislation permits them to be included on your insurance coverage. Furthermore, most of the plans do not exclude kids under the age of 19 because of pre-existing conditions.

Family Health and Wellness Ideas for Fall

Wellness is about a state of wellbeing and health and wellness in your family’s life. As the autumn period comes glimpsing around the corner, right here are some enjoyable & household friendly activities to maintain everyone in your home remaining energetic, healthy and balanced, and also getting in touch with each other via health & wellness!

Evening Walks

The cooler climate of fall is the ideal time to start a regimen of taking a night walk as a household. Walks are fantastic for the entire gang, because the littlest ones can ride in a baby stroller or wagon as well as youngsters a little older can miss along with or ride their trikes, bikes, skateboards, etc! For a lot more health advantages, think about timing your stroll between dinner as well as going to bed to aid in digestion of the night meal as well as encourage great rest for the evening!

Energetic Game Night

Attaching as a household often is crucial to relationship wellness. Family video game night is a wonderful method to do this! Take it up another notch by choosing energetic video games every week! When the outside weather condition is stunning, video games like basketball, relay races, challenge training courses in the yard, and also trampoline time obtain you relocating and also delighting in the loss season. For days that are cool and also damp, take the movement indoors with video games like Wii Sports, timeless Twister, or perhaps a competitive dance event!

Outside Lawn Cleaning

For family members with a lawn area in your home, obtain the entire family members associated with fall clean-up activities! Rake or blow the fallen leaves into a heap as well as have a little enjoyable leaping as well as playing together in it prior to elimination. Various other concepts consist of picking up garbage as well as other backyard waste or creating fun outside designs for the home with each other! No lawn in your home? Take the clean-up enjoyable to a local park, to a grandparent’s or various other relative’s home or anywhere a little TLC might be required!

Charity drive

Growing the link that your household has with one another, in addition to the neighborhood around you, is important to a healthy and balanced state of mind! Take into consideration teaming up as a household for an active charity event this year! Several organizations use marathons, runs and also walks of all sizes and shapes, in addition to other types of active competitors to obtain your heart pumping and also your hand helping! Several family members locate that doing fundraiser together at least annual aids to develop personality, their relationship with each other, as well as their area.


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3 Ways to Streamline Your Healthcare Processes

Every organisation benefits from having streamlined processes in place. This removes unnecessary chains in the entire operations chain and prevents bottlenecks from occurring. Streamlined processes

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